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Banana Kush marijuana strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. The kush was created by Cali Kush. This marijuana has a wonderful aroma of delicious banana-kush smoothie. Banana Kush has bright green, fluffy buds with yellow-orange hairs. The nugs are covered by white crystals. Due to its potency, Banana Kush cannabis strain will soothe your pain and rock you to sleep in matter of minutes, best for night time use. With THC at 18%, beginners should be mindful of the dose.

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Buy Banana Kush Online

Type of High
Banana Kush marijuana induces uplifting cerebral high together with numbing body buzz. Alleviates depression, relaxes the body, relieves stress, stimulates appetite. May cause couch lock. Promotes sleep, helps with pain and insomnia.
Banana Kush cannabis strain is a cross between OG Kush and Banana.

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  1. mark

    Very good flavours and delivery was on time


    I suffer from chronic kidney stones and am about to have my second surgery to remove one or more stones. They are super painful when the pain hits it can knock you over. My doctor gave me opioids for the pain but the side-effects are just too much and I had to find an alternative. My doctor couldn’t certify me for a medical marijuana card because of the hospital policy where his office is. He did point me to top shelf marijuana and pharmaceutical so I made an appointment and met the nurse practitioner kim rodriquez and she got me certified easily. She made me understand that because there is no real research yet published I’d have to experiment with different strains to find the one that worked for me. That’s definitely how it’s turned out for me where most strains work pretty well but some better than others so find that strain that works best for your condition and buy a lot of it! I’ve also found that the way you take it makes a big difference with marijuana edibles being the best for me. This is truly a miracle plant

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